January 13th, 2009


Out of the mouths of babes

Chatlog of an IM conversation I recently had with a friend. This had me laughing too much not to share. (QWP)

[10:23] aardy: She's starting to talk, too, but still mostly babbles.
[10:24] jdb: Those are the most fun! My kids would babble at me, and I'd reply back rather like Dora Bianchi does to her cat, "No, I don't think murder is an option." People would ask me if I knew what they were saying....
[10:24] aardy: At least you weren't having entire conversations of murrr murrr murrr...
[10:25] jdb: [L] could understand what *I* was saying well enough to know that we weren't talking about the same thing, and it'd piss her off. She'd stomp her foot and point at me and yell and yell, and I'd get into it: "No, murdering *me* is not an option either. Who would feed you Teddy Grahams then?"
[10:26] aardy: [LE] understands more than she lets on, but she's really just at the very beginning of that learning curve.
[10:27] jdb: Next comes the phase where you can understand them, but no one else can. Brief, but fun. [L] had a mean streak a mile wide, and would say all sorts of tacky things to make me crack up. Other people would stare and wonder what she was talking about.
[10:29] aardy: Sounds like she was 13 from age 13 months on...
[10:29] jdb: Pretty much, yeah. She had bad influences growing up. (Me.)
[10:30] jdb: Before she was talking much, she already knew there were certain things other parents did that I did not approve of. We were in Arby's, and she was gnawing on a chicken strip and fries, and some other family had some skreeky little spoiled monster that they weren't doing anything about. We both stared at them a minute, and then [L] looked at me and just shook her head solemnly. I nearly fell out of my chair.

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