January 9th, 2009


Books that I read in December

60. Christie, Agatha. Curtain (280 p.)

61. Fforde, Jasper. The Fourth Bear (378 p.)

62. Smith, Evelyn E. Unpopular Planet (335 p.)

December total: 993 pages
YTD total: 18,538 pages

Whew! What a year--54 books and 18,000 pages, despite having much less time than I used to to read. When I started tracking my reading back in January, I didn't think I'd make it anywhere near either of those marks.

I'm probably not going to continue doing monthly capsule reviews in 2009, as they take me far too much time to write up, but I'll probably continue doing brief summaries/reviews of a lot of what I read, as I finish each book.

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