June 4th, 2008

computers, guru

Mmmmmyeah... I need those TPS forms

As a recent impulse buy at the comic shop, I picked up the Management Material: Information Technology card game. I haven't had a chance to sit down and play it yet, but just reading through the cards netted me several belly laughs and a few winces as jokes hit far too close to the truth (and I don't even work IT for a living). I couldn't help but think that the game creators must have a secret camera trained on the offices of certain people on my friendslist... (*cough*sigma7*cough*)

The goal of the game is to use lame excuses to pass projects on to your coworkers. If you fail to do this and thereby end up completing too many projects, you attract the attention of TPTB, get promoted to management, and lose the game. As it turns out, MM:IT is sort of an expansion pack to the original Management Material: General Office game, though either is also playable by itself.

Sample projects include "Subdue paper-spewing printer", "Backup the network... on floppies", "Train staff on proper computer shutdown", and "Extinguish flaming monitor (again)".

Sample excuses include "Monitor set to 3 colors", "Floppy won't fit in CD drive", "CAPS LOCK IS STUCK", "Building Y3K defense", and "Computer running at 33 MHz".

More sample cards can be seen here (MM:GO) and here (MM:IT).

It even comes with a card to pass around indicating whose turn it is. It reads, "MY TURN! (Not yours)"

(They also have a similar game called Marriage Material. Same game mechanics, same funny cartoons, different card type names.)

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