March 8th, 2008


Lyrics quiz

This started out as one of those "quote lyrics from random songs in your MP3 player" quizzes. The songs that came up for me had a bit of an... international flair, if you will, so I took the liberty of translating the lyrics into English.

1. Joy, the beautiful spark of the gods, / Daughter of Elysium, / We enter, drunk with fire, / Heavenly, thy shrine. / Thy magic powers re-unite / What stringent custom divided; / All people will be brothers, / Where thy gentle wing abides.

2. Day of wrath! Day on which / The world will disintegrate into glowing ashes / As foretold by David and the Sibyl! / How great the quaking will be / When the judge comes / And strictly examines everyone! Guessed by dolique and sigma7

3. Ah, Fortune, / Like the moon / You are constantly changing, / Ever waxing / And waning; / Hateful life / First oppresses / And then soothes / As fancy takes it; / Poverty / And power / It melts them like ice. Guessed by dolique and sigma7

4. Blest, I may now look on thee, oh, my native land, / And gladly greet thy pleasant pastures; / Now I lay my pilgrim's staff aside to rest, / Because, faithful to God, I have completed my pilgrimage!

5. Oh, what frenzy! / Oh, what a crowd! / One at a time, please! / Hey, it's me! I'm here. / I'm here, I'm there, / I'm up, I'm down, / Swifter and swifter, I'm like a thunderbolt; / I'm the servant of the city. / Ah, great me! Great, greatest; / You'll never lack for luck! Guessed by hobbygeek

6. Love is a rebellious bird / That nobody can tame, / And you call him quite in vain / If it suits him not to come. / Nothing helps, neither threat nor prayer. / One man talks well, the other's mum; / It's the other one that I prefer. / He's silent but I like his looks. / Love! Love! Love! Love! Guessed by wheeler

7. Faithfully led, drawn there, / Where the blessing of love shall preserve you both! / Triumphant courage, the reward of love / Joins you in fidelity as the happiest couple. / Champion of virtue, proceed! / Jewel of youth, proceed! / You both have now escaped the roar of the feast, / You both have won the pleasure of the heart! / Fragrant room, decorated for love, / Now takes in you both, away from the splendor.

8. Jesus shall remain my gladness, / My heart's comfort and lifeblood, / Jesus fights all sorrow, / He is my life-force, / My eye's pleasure and sun, / My soul's treasure and bliss; / So let me not remove Jesus / From my heart and vision.

9. See! The gloomy remains of night / is cast off by the immense skies; / It seems like a widow who at last lays aside / The dark clothes that enveloped her. / To work! To work! / Ready, hammer. / Who brightens the gypsy man's day? / Who brightens the gypsy man's day? / Who brightens the day? / Who brightens the gypsy man's day? / The gypsy maiden!

10. None shall sleep! None shall sleep! / You too, o princess! / In your cold room, / Look at the stars / That tremble with love and with hope! / But my secret is hidden within me, / None will know my name! / No! No! On your mouth will I tell it / When the light shines! / And my kiss will dissolve the silence / That makes you mine! Guessed by dolique and sigma7

(Hint-- These songs get played so often that I can almost guarantee that you've heard every one of these in their original languages.)

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