November 7th, 2007


Vote for me!

Going on right now over in gore_sports, is the Bash Wars II tournament (think MTV Celebrity Deathmatch, or Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, except with the results decided by vote of community members). Matchups this year include Dr. Doom vs. the VICI robot from Small Wonder, Alien's Ripley vs. Pratchett's Luggage, Yoda vs. Wesley Crusher, and Underdog vs. Halo3's Master Chief.

After a so-so showing last year with an obscure character, this year I picked what I thought would be a strong, terrifying (and more well-known) competitor--namely, the plastic-masked Burger King. And indeed, he ended up as the #1 seed in his bracket. The only problem: in the first round, he's up against Tom Cruise, who has his Cruise World Order behind him (and probably also a sockpuppet or three) to stuff the ballot box--and as a result I currently need at least 12 votes before Sunday to pull ahead and take the round.

So what I need now is for y'all to join the community, and then go to the first round's West Bracket post and vote for me. And as I keep winning (I hope), keep voting for me over the next few weeks as the tournament progresses.

While you're at it, be sure to vote for kateshort in the East Bracket, and we might just end up with the ultimate matchup of Burger King vs. Dick Cheney in the finals!

And feel free to pass this on; I need all the help I can get.

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