May 31st, 2007

otp, the_whites

Fanfic idea

Here's a tagline for any aspiring authors out there looking for some inspiration...

Sylar and Hannibal Lector meet in a chatroom (or, if you prefer, in an LJ community), and try to pick each other up, each thinking the other is a pretty, 18-year old boy.

I can't write it (not "I don't want to," but rather, "my fiction-writing and comedy-writing skills are so poor that if I tried, it would suck all humor out of the room, never to be seen again"), but even in the clouded mental picture I get at best when it comes to writing fiction, this feels like it might have comedic potential in the right hands. So feel free to use it, or pass it along to someone else who might.

(This was inspired by hearing about a mini-cascade in news of Sylar-related posts and icons, with lines like "He loves me for my brains" and "Want to hook up? E-mail me at". This just popped into my head as the next logical step.)

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