February 25th, 2007


Snow fun for the easily amused

We only got 2" of sleet/snow, but it was followed by about a half-inch of rain. This stuff is nigh impossible to shovel. The snow is so water-logged that you get the impression it's really just water that hasn't quite figured out that it's way above freezing and it really should give up on trying to maintain a solid state.

2 hours, and the driveway is only half finished. Parts of the front sidewalk are so flooded that as soon as I clear out a shovel-full of the 2 inches of slurry, the water rushes in and is immediately 2 inches deep--too deep to stand in without waders.

I'm exhausted.

On the plus side, I discovered a new way to amuse myself. Because the standing water is so deep in places that it's essentially the same depth as the snow, I discovered that tossing a large snowball as high as I can on an arc to make it land in the middle of one of those areas creates a perfect meteor-like crater, complete with a hunk of "meteorite" in the center. We now have craters all over our side sidewalk--some from small snowballs, some from entire shovel-loads of slush. It looks like Shoemaker-Levy committed a drive-by cometing.

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