July 24th, 2006


Somebody's Not Happy

Last Thursday, we had rain and thunderstorms for a good portion of the morning. I had the day off, and while making breakfast, happened to look out the kitchen window and see what first looked like an odd, fuzzy rock or a mourning dove sitting on the railing of our deck. On closer examination, it was a squirrel, taking shelter under a corner of our roof, using its tail as an umbrella, and looking more and more miserable as the storms went on.

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Feudalism: Serf & Turf

No rest for the wicked

Variable-speed drill and bit set: $49.99
Boxes of screws: $1.49 each
Can of mosquito repellant: $4.99
Flashlight: $1.00

Racing the sunset and then continuing long afterwards in order to finish firmly attaching the beams and trellis that turn our two arbors into an über-arbor, so that the spousal unit has a few full days to disentangle and coax the now 8 to 10 foot long grape vines up and over the arbor before her parents arrive:


Feudalism: Serf & Turf