February 25th, 2006

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The Pirate Ninja Robot Monkey meme

Original to me; ganked from my own imagination.

Rules of the meme:
Pick any four of the following categories. List one (or more) of your favorite fictional characters in each category, tell what book/movie/etc. the character is from, and explain what makes that character special for you.

The categories:
Pirate, Ninja, Robot, Monkey,
Doctor, Soldier, Witch, Detective,
Wizard, Ghost, Monster, Spy,
Scientist, Alien, Swashbuckler, Pet,
or add your own category

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Feudalism: Serf & Turf
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Pop songs quiz

Because everyone else is doing it...

Rather than do the "guess the songs for these lines from the first 20 random songs on my MP3 player's playlist" quiz (which I may do some other time), I figured I'd go for a theme.

Guess these songs that mention other rock/pop bands or performers. All but one are by bands that hit the Billboard charts, often with the song in question. (And while there's a decent chance anyone older than 25 may have heard of even that one, it technically cheats on the theme, so don't feel bad if you miss it.)Everyone should be able to do really well on this one!

1. I drunk myself blind to the sound of old T.Rex "You Better You Bet," by the Who. Guessed by jkgriffin

2. The radio plays that forgotten song / Brenda Lee's "Comin' On Strong"

3. Fab Five Freddy told me everybody's fly "Rapture," by Blondie. Guessed by indigoskynet

4. Well, I hope Neil Young will remember / A Southern man don't need him around anyhow "Sweet Home, Alabama," by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Guessed by docstout

5. Rolling numbers, rock and rolling, got my Kiss records out "Surrender," by Cheap Trick. Guessed by docstout

6. And the orchestra were playin' all Chuck Berry's greatest tunes.

7. Like Harrison Ford I'm getting Frantic / Like Sting I'm tantric "One Week," by Barenaked Ladies. Guess by indigoskynet

8. Frank Zappa and the Mothers / Were at the best place around / But some stupid with a flare gun / Burned the place to the ground

9. And someone played a Beach Boys song on the jukebox / It it was "California Dreamin" / So we started screamin / On such a winter's day "Punk Rock Girl," by the Dead Milkmen. Guessed by shaysdays

10. I'm an AC/DC man

These last two have little and nothing (respectively) to do with the theme, I just decided to tack them on as bonus challenges. Most of the western world can hum the first one, and the second has infectiously silly YMCA-like arm movements that go with it.

11. In their blue suede shoes they would scream and shout / As they sang the blues let it all hang out

12. McDonald's! McDonald's! Kentucky Fried Chicken and the Pizza Hut!

Feudalism: Serf & Turf