October 29th, 2005

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Name the actor

So I'm watching the latest version of "I love the 80's" (because I do), and a throwaway aside from one of the interviewed comedians, mentioning an actor, made my jaw drop with the reaction, "OMG-- that was him?! Wow! That really is him!" So I looked him up on IMDb and his filmography blew my mind.

How many movies does it take you to name the actor who was in all of them?

1. My Bodyguard
2. Ordinary People
3. D.C. Cab
4. Full Metal Jacket
5. The Chocolate War
6. Predator 2
7. Kevin Costner's Wyatt Earp
8. Independence Day: ID4
9. Mel Gibson's The Patriot
10. The X-Files movie
11. Serenity

The answer lies behind the cut. Collapse )

Y'know, that was fun, let's try it again. How about this one:

1. Weird Science
2. Back to School
3. Air America
4. Soapdish
5. Natural Born Killers
6. Richard III
7. U.S. Marshalls
8. Bowfinger
9. Wonder Boys
10. Gothika

Y'know, this might make for an interesting meme/challenge a la the Kevin Bacon game. Given a selection of around 10 well-known (though not necessarily good, nor obvious) movies from a relatively known and prolific actor's filmography, arranged in order of release, how many movies does it take you to figure out which actor all of the listed movies have in common? How long before you say "Wait. He (or she) was in that?"

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