October 10th, 2005

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*Whack* *whack* ... Is this thing on?

Type "[Your name] needs" into Google and copy-paste the first ten results.

    Your search - "Aardy needs" - did not match any documents.

Hrm. That wasn't as much fun as I thought it'd be. Can I get those two seconds of my life back? I think I'd rather spend them by eating cake.

Feudalism: Serf & Turf

Aardevarque Comment: Dungeons & Dragons, Wrath of the Dragon God

I saw "Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God" on the Sci Fi channel the other night, taped it, then watched it again with kateshort yesterday. It's technically a sequel to the cheesily bad D&D movie, but after replacing the writers, director, and almost all of the cast, the result is a surprisingly watchable film, even when re-watched. (Courtney Solomon is still around, but only as one of the executive producers.) It's no Lord of the Rings, mind you, but it's better than a LOT of fantasy movies out there. It also successfully manages to incorporate enough D&D elements that it actually feels like a "Dungeons & Dragons" movie. There were even a couple of spots where I could almost hear the dice rolling--and unlike most fantasy films where that happens, it felt right when it happened here.

If you play(ed) D&D, or tend to enjoy "Sci Fi original movies", or generally like B-level fantasy movies, I recommend watching this. Just pretend the first movie didn't exist; everything you might possibly need to know about the first movie is summed up in two sentences in this one.

If you didn't catch it on TV, I'm sure Sci Fi will re-run it at some point. There is also a forthcoming DVD available for pre-order from Amazon. I don't care much whether I get the first movie or not, but I'm definitely adding this one to my wish list.

There are a few spoilers behind the cut, but I've tried to keep them to a relative minimum in case any of you do decide to watch it at some point.

Collapse )

Sci Fi also ran some ads for D&D itself during the commercial breaks; each consisted solely of the current D&D logo with scratchy white words on a black screen, with some battle-like sound effects and music in the background. I don't remember all of them, but the few that stuck in my head were:
  • The book really is better than the movie.
  • The rules of gaming: #1 Never split the party. #2 Keep the cleric alive. #3 Check for traps. (And the movie managed to demonstrate reasons why all three of those are important...)
  • Run for snacks! We'll hold off the movie as long as we can!
They were obviously tongue in cheek, but showed a decent sense of humor (and didn't take the game too seriously), hopefully piqued some people's interest enough to try the game, and were not too embarrassingly geeky (which showing a group of players around a table almost certainly would have been); I was happy to see them.

Feudalism: Serf & Turf