August 6th, 2005


My so-called life

A quick update on the parts of my life that haven't already been reported at one point or another by kateshort. Consider this to be catching up for all the journaling I haven't done and don't normally do.

Going back a bit, I got very, very sick right before New Year's Eve, 2000. Flu-like symptoms, tachycardia (resting heart rate was around 120 bpm for days), high-ish blood pressure, and more such fun. Ended up in the emergency room for the only time in my adult life so far (as a patient, that is) on December 30th. Was diagnosed with dehydration and a virus that had infected my heart muscle. (Though I later learned the latter can be doctor-speak for "I don't know why your heart isn't working properly, but take some zithromyicin and everything should get better in a few days.") The doc warned me that drinking any alcohol over the following few days would probably kill me within a few minutes. So on Y2K, I was completely alcohol-free. Got better shortly thereafter--guess the zithro did something.

Had a relapse three months later after getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and passing out on the bathroom floor. Had the fun of a 24-hour EKG and a heart ultrasound. End result: heart is supposedly perfect (ha ha; it is to laugh--I've never been able to do any real exercise without my heart rate shooting up into the 240-260 range, which isn't exactly good), but blood pressure is just under the borderline for "high," with occasional spikes much higher for no specific reason. (And now that they've redefined "high", it's often just over with occasional spikes much higher. -sigh-) I was miserable for about two weeks, and then mended well enough to get on with life, but I've felt a lot more fragile ever since. A shift to a somewhat healthier diet and trying to be more laid-back in order to reduce stress has helped quite a bit on that front, though.

In mid-2001, I was one of six co-founders of a d20 role-playing game company. Got most of one adventure written before the wheels came off and the company whimpered out of existence, and almost lost some good friends over what turned out to be nothing. (As I was invited into the company and they weren't.) I was the primary writer, so I probably put in the most sweat equity, and it galls me that we couldn't get this monstrosity finished before the key person flaked out and the rest of us ran out of free time. I will finish writing that adventure someday (hopefully someday soon), and run it for those friends of mine, so that I can have a sense of closure and accomplishment.

In January 2002, I started graduate school to get a library degree.

In May 2005, I graduated and received my library degree.

Note the length of that dead zone there? That's where my life went. (Actually, there was a bright point in there: in summer of 2003, I took a half-semester off and Kate & I took a vacation in Germany. Just after we arrived was when Europe started setting heat records left and right, 1/3 of the entire country of Portugal burned, and 30,000-some people died of heat-related causes in France. I also got promoted from Cataloging Assistant to Head Cataloger of my library in mid-2004, contingent on graduating in May.)

Last week, Kate & I moved to the planet Hoffman. (For those who haven't read the Buck Godot graphic novels--and everyone should read Buck Godot: PSmIth at some point--that would be Hoffman Estates, IL, from which Phil Foglio took the name of Buck Godot's home planet. The model for Buck himself was a H.E. police officer.) There's still a lot of unpacking left to do, but while Kate has been busy wrangling with various customer service departments, I've gotten enough done that there are no longer any piles of boxes that are taller than Kate.

That brings us up to tonight, so I return you to your regularly scheduled friendslist entries.

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