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ER tales better off left untold

So kateshort and I are watching "Untold Tales of the ER" and on comes a story about a unconscious woman brought into the ER with what seemed be heatstroke. Since this is "Untold Tales of the ER," you just know the situation is going to get weird, squicky, or both real fast. Somehow, this managed to bring out the funny.

When turning her over for a spinal tap, they discover that her butt is bleeding a little and find a broken glass crack pipe and a covered syringe wedged in her butt-ocks (as the doctor repeatedly pronounced it). Then, when the nurse tried to insert a catheter, a baggie with a few rocks of crack tumbled out of her vagina.

In an interview, the doctor tried to make the point that things aren't always what they seem at first glance and why assumptions can be bad in his line of work, and said something to the effect of "So you see why it's important to follow standard procedures when examining a patient.

At that, I turned to kateshort and said "Which standard procedure would that be? Airway, Butt, C*nt?"

Feudalism: Serf & Turf
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