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Books that I read in July

Books that I read in July:

47. Hatke, Ben. Legends of Zita the Spacegirl (Zita, v. 2) (209 p.)

48. Brower, Steven, ed. Mort Meskin: Out of the Shadows (188 p.)

49. Eddison, E.R. A Fish Dinner in Memison (The Worm Ouroboros, v. 3) (316 p.)

July total: 713 pages
2014 YTD total: 11,985 pages

Zita continues to entertain me quite a bit. I was a bit annoyed to discover that this volume ends with a cliffhanger, though.

Out of the Shadows is a collection of representative samples of the comic book work of Mort Meskin throughout his career, across all of the genres in which he worked. It's good, solid stuff, mostly from the 1940s & 1950s.

A Fish Dinner is the last of the Ouroboros/Zimiamvia novels that Eddison completed. (There's an incomplete fourth that was published posthumously and apparently large chunks of it consisted just of outlines.) It starts off telling a pair of entwined stories (one in our world, one in Zimiamvia), but about a third to half-way through basically gives up completely on developing any actual narrative, and hares off down the lane of philosophical navel-gazing, and the titular "fish dinner" is actually a philosophical symposium a la Plato, with all of the characters transformed into simple talking heads, taking the various points of view the philosopher-author wishes to propound. The story of Lessingham, though, is a bit more developed, and when the events that were mentioned in passing at the beginning of the previous book actually happen here, you really feel for him and the people around him. The use of 17th-century-era lanugage is also toned down here from the previous book, as a third to half of the story is set in England during and after World War I, with a corresponding dialogue style. Mildly recommended if you like teasing out the meaning of philosophical treatises that masquerade as historical and/or fantasy fiction.

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