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Books that I read in March

Books that I read in March:

11. Wolfman, Marv. Scrooge's Quest (Disney's DuckTales) (182 p.)

12. Willingham, Bill. Fairest in All the Land (Fairest) (158 p.)

13. Zahn, Timothy. Dragon and Herdsman (Dragonback, 4) (299 p.)

14. Zahn, Timothy. Dragon and Judge (Dragonback, 5) (318 p.)

15. Zahn, Timothy. Dragon and Liberator (Dragonback, 6) (364 p.)

16. Hale, Shannon & Dean Hale. Rapunzel's Revenge (144 p.)

17. Martin, George R.R. & Ben Avery The Sworn Sword (The Hedge Knight, bk. 2) (176 p.)

18. Barks, Carl. Lost in the Andes (Walt Disney's Donald Duck) (226 p.)

19. Larson, Erik. Thunderstruck (463 p.)

20. Verne, Jules. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (382 p.)

21. Deighton, Len. XPD (377 p.)

22. Leonard, Elmore. Get Shorty (359 p.)

March total: 3,448 pages
2014 total: 6,950 pages

Twelve books?! Whew! That's a lot of reading. Every single one was good, too, though some might not be everyone's cup of tea. Those that stand out from the crowd: Rapunzel's Revenge, Sworn Sword, Lost in the Andes, XPD, and Get Shorty.

I also rather liked the second half of Zahn's Dragonback series, though it's definitely written for YA or tween readers. The series felt long at six books, but I tried thinking of what I would take out, and concluded that the pieces that are there really do need to be there for the story to work as well as it does.

Thunderstruck pales in comparison to Devil in the White City, but is still a good read in its own right (if a little slow-paced at times in the first half). However, if you're only going to read one of Larson's books, go read Devil instead.

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