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Books that I read in September

Books that I read in September:

59. Stasheff, Christopher. The Warlock is Missing (The Warlock Series) (201 p.)

60. Tolkien, J.R.R. A Tolkien Miscellany (368 p.)
(Contents: Smith of Wooten Major; Farmer Giles of Ham; Tree and Leaf (On Fairy-Stories; Leaf by Niggle); The Adventures of Tom Bombadil; Sir Gawain and the Green Knight; Pearl; Sir Orfeo)

61. Zahn, Timothy. Dragon and Thief (The Dragonback Series; v. 1) (248 p.)

62. Anderson, Poul. Trader to the Stars (176 p.)
(Contents: Hiding Place; Territory; The Master Key)

63.Stasheff, Christopher. The Warlock Heretical (The Warlock Series) (233 p.)

64. De Camp, L. Sprague. A Gun for Dinosaur, and Other Imaginative Tales (359 p.)
(Contents: A Gun for Dinosaur; Aristotle and the Gun; The Guided Man; Internal Combustion; Cornzan the Mighty; Throwback; Judgment Day; Gratitude; A Thing of Custom; The Egg; Let's Have Fun; Impractical Joke; In-Group; New Arcadia)

65. Weber, David. At All Costs (Honor Harrington) (892 p.)

September total: 2,477 pages
2013 YTD total: 22,121 pages

No time for my usual level of summaries/reviews this month. Short versions:

Still liking Stasheff's Warlock series.

Liked Dragon and Thief well enough to be interested in reading more of the series.

The Tolkien Miscellany isn't exactly a must-read for LotR fans, but it's mostly fun, even the Tom Bombadil poems. I found the analysis of the nature of Middle English poetry that accompanies his modern translations of Gawain, Pearl, and Orfeo to be fascinating.

De Camp is always good for a laugh & a think. I'd read the first two stories before, but the rest were new to me.

Weber still writes well enough but tries to tell too many stories at once (or too many parts of the same story in too much detail). I wouldn't have bothered after the last one I read (especially what with skipping two huge books in the series in the process), but I happened to have this one on hand.

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