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Plaid pants and a tuba

Since it was fresh in my mind from yesterday's icons question, I decided to try to find the origin of the quote, "In this shadowy world of cloak and dagger, you are plaid pants and a tuba" once and for all. Thankfully, I'd noted way back when which character said it, so I looked up Shinobi Shaw's entry at the Marvel Chronology Project and pulled every comic book I own that he ever appeared in, however briefly (which is all but one or two) and started working my way through the list. Oh God, the Dork Riders. The Upstarts. The lousy Liefield/Lee/Portacio-clone artwork. But finally, success!

Spider-Man Team-Up #1 (December 1995), p. 22; story by Mark Waid & Tom Peyer (though at the end of the credits box is "special thanks to Scott Lobdell", so it's anyone's guess who actually coined this particular line).

Plaid pants and a tuba

And there you have it.

Before today, I would've sworn that Fabian Nicieza was the author responsible for that line, as it's exactly in line with how he wrote the character. (And that's one of the reasons I couldn't find it before now-- I was focusing on X-Force, Unadjectived X-Men, and other comics that Fabian wrote; I never thought to look in Spider-Man Team-Up, of all places.)

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