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Books that I read in June

Books that I read in June:

33. Brust, Stephen. Athyra (The Vlad Taltos series) (243 p.)

34. Gaiman, Neil. Neverwhere (370 p.)

35. Brust, Stephen. Orca (The Vlad Taltos series) (290 p.)

36. Drake, David. The Tank Lords (Hammers Slammers) (391 p.)

37. Brust, Stephen. Dragon (The Vlad Taltos series) (288 p.)

June total: 1,582 pages
2011 total to date: 9,875 pages

The Vlad Taltos series continues to be a lot of fun. As I'm reading them, I keep thinking that these books should be turned into a series of graphic novels or a TV series. One of the more refreshing elements so far is that, eight books in, each book still stands alone enough that you can start with any of them and still understand the most important basics of what's going on--or at least what's most important for the story of that particular book. This is an excellent example of how long-form serial fiction should be done.

I found Neverwhere to be okay, but not as good as some of the other Gaiman books I've read. Some nifty concepts in there to stealborrow, though.

This is the first Hammers Slammers book I've read, and I was a little bit surprised to find gritty science fiction war stories with a bit of adventure rather than science fiction high-adventure stories with a bit of grit. Good stuff, to be sure, but I was expecting something closer to the Honor Harrington or Miles Vorkosigan books, and thus may not have appreciated the "war is hell" theme/moral as much as I otherwise might've. However, if you like both "life in the trenches"/"sergeant's-eye view"-style war stories about tank divisions, and science fiction, then this is probably a good book for you.

Feudalism: Serf & Turf
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