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The rainbow connection

On the way home from giving a pair of workshops in Wisconsin today, I drove through one of the heaviest rains I've driven in in a long time. The setting sun was to my right and super-bright, making it really hard to see anything in front of me. Then I looked to my left and not only saw a rainbow, I saw the end of a rainbow! It was an incredibly bright and crystal clear rainbow that, because of the heavy rain and the angle of the sun, appeared in front of or overlaid on the scenery--like it was basically on/at my car window, even after I rolled the window down--rather than way off in the sky. So the "end" was basically at the ground just outside my car. So cool and I wish I could've photographed it. I've never seen a rainbow that was between me and the trees on the side of the road before!

Also, when I looked toward the west, way off across the fields & trees I could see a thunderstorm that according to the weather reports was busy spawning a tornado right that minute. Couldn't see the tornado, though, just an area that had a LOT of rain.

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