Aardy R. DeVarque (aardy) wrote,
Aardy R. DeVarque

The Superbowl ads

The ads I thought were especially good, in the order they played:
• Audi A8 "Prison Break"
• Chevy Silverado "Rescue"
• Doritos "Healing chips"
• Kia Optima "Epic Ride"
• Coke "Dragon"
• Chrysler 200 "Eminem Detroit"
• NFL "Brand American"
• Bridgestone "Karma"
• VW Beetle "Black Beetle"

There were many others I thought were good or funny, but didn't quite rise to the level of "Superbowl ad" excellence. (Though special mention goes to the Chevy Camaro "Commercial Pitch spot, which felt like someone had cribbed from MGK's "Three Executives" series, and the Coke "Border Patrol spot.)

And those I thought were painfully, cringingly bad:
• LivingSocial.com "Change Your Life"
• Doritos "Best For Last"
• Best Buy "Ozzy vs. Bieber"

And special un-mention to all the HomeAway.com "Vacation Homes spot, which wasn't truly bad, but really rubbed me wrong, especially the very end where the faux baby slides down the glass. Also to all of the Groupon ads, which struck me as being callous rather than funny. And, of course, to the GoDaddy.co & .com ads, which weren't as crass but were even more lame than usual.

And, having seen the average ratings at foxsports.com, I see that tastes definitely differ on some of these.

Feudalism: Serf & Turf
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