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Tales from the Blizzard of '11

Yes, I'm still playing catch-up. As usual. (Maybe sometime this week I'll get time to post something about the Superbowl.)

We got drifted in and were technically snowbound; we only managed to get out to shovel because we have a sliding door. Looks like O'Hare got 20.2" (thus making this the #3 snowstorm ever for the metro area). Thanks to the plow, the pile of snow & slush at the end of our driveway was 43" deep!

Our front door was blocked by a 3-foot drift that merged into a mega-drift that went all the way down the front steps. The back door was blocked by a 2-foot drift that was just thick enough that I couldn't push the door open. The garage doors had a drift pressing on them that ranged from 2 feet tall on one side of the garage to almost 3 feet on the other side; the doors probably could've been raised, but I didn't want to have that snow fall into the garage. That meant our only egress option was the two sliding doors, each of which had between 6-12" of snow drifted above the sill and about as much blown in between the screen door and the glass door, but neither drift was at all thick, so it was easy to slide the screen door, push the snow out, and then step out into the calf- to knee-deep snow on our back patio.

Then, in the "Adding insult to injury" department: The flurries originally predicted for today turned into 2-3 inches of additional snow. Which wouldn't be so bad but that's too little to snowblow and it's a royal pain to heft every shovelfull 4-5 feet up to get it over the existing snow mountains that border the driveway.

The roads around here are passable, but aren't entirely plowed; anything that's normally 3 lanes each way is still down to 2 if you're lucky, 1 + approximately a car-width if you aren't-- either way, narrowing down fairly suddenly to only 1 lane at many intersections. Right-hand turn lanes generally still haven't been touched. All of which does oh-so-much fun things to rush-hour traffic. On the plus side, the tollways were completely clear by Thursday, and even the tollway shoulders were plowed on Friday, and that's where I spend most of my commute.

All in all, definitely up there in the list of major snowstorms I've been through, but other than getting two and a half days of paid vacation out of it, not too bad. And boy, oh, boy am I glad that I decided that this was the year we were going to get a snow blower. This was too much snow for it to really handle well, but it performed like a champ and saved my back from what probably would have been several weeks of back strain recuperation.

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