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The Kevin Bacon game meme

(Incidentally, if you, too, want to listen to the Bacon Brothers (yes, that's really Kevin and his brother, Michael) sing about chickens, or Scott Bakula sing about pigs, or the Aaaardvarks sing The Intermission Song, all of the songs from Sandra Boynton's Philadelphia Chickens album are available online for free!)

Meme via indigoskynet.

Since both Six Degrees of Separation and the Kevin Bacon game has been making the rounds for years and years, I was going to ignore this meme this time around, but then I realized that I have a Kevin Bacon number of 4, solely via acting appearances, and wanted to share. (Only a little stretching on what consistutes a "movie" was required, rather than stretching the Kevin Bacon game into the full Six Degrees of Separation game, where any degree of acquaintance is allowed.)

I was in A Christmas Carol with Dale Bower. (A stage production that, if I remember correctly, was then aired on local cable. He played Scrooge, and I played the Ghost of Christmas Future. This step is a stretch, I admit.)

Dale Bower was in Sixteen Candles with Molly Ringwald. (He's uncredited; he played the father of the kid whose parents keep throwing him into the school dance.)

Molly Ringwald was in Office Killer (1997) with Michelle Hurst.

Michelle Hurst was in In the Cut (2003) with Kevin Bacon.

What's your Kevin Bacon Number?

Update: Make that a Bacon number of 3. Jami Gertz was also in Sixteen Candles, and was in Quicksilver (1986) with Kevin Bacon.

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