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Books that I read in July

Books that I read in July:

35. Burroughs, Edgar Rice. The Moon Men (375 p.)

36. Carver, Jeffrey A. Star Rigger's Way (214 p.)

37. Martin, George R.R., et al. Down and Dirty (Wild Cards, v. 5) (518 p.)

38. Cherryh, C.J. Fortress in the Eye of Time (568 p.)

39. Brown, Dan. The Da Vinci Code (489 p.)

40. Asamiya, Kia. Leen's Destiny: The Path of the Blue Dragon (Dark Angel, v. 3) (164 p.)

July total: 2,328 pages
2010 total: 11,758 pages

Quickie review of The Da Vinci Code: It's pretty much a carbon copy of Angels & Demons with the serial numbers filed off. (Therefore, just see my review of A&D for a fuller review.)

However, this time, there are only two twist endings instead of three (only one of the two is nearly nonsensical and whiplash-inducing; as a change, the other is telegraphed from far too early on), only slightly less telling that should've been showing (I still noticed at least one instance of the phrase, "He didn't know it at the time, but [this plot point] was going to be vitally important to him later on"), and not nearly enough puzzling-out of codes left by Da Vinci himself. (Da Vinci's codes are all revealed in infodumps.) There's also far too much reliance on out-of-the-blue flashbacks in order to insert infodumps of background material that're obviously fascinating to Brown, but by and large turn out to be completely unrelated to the plot. I think Brown seems to have learned a little from his earlier authorial mistakes in the interim, but not nearly enough--The Da Vinci Code may be a bit better-written than Angels & Demons, but I think the latter is a much better story.

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