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Books that I read in June

Books that I read in June:
28. Martin, George R.R. Aces Abroad (Wildcards, v. 4) (467 p.)

29. Anderson, Poul. Going for Infinity (416 p.)
(Contents: The Saturn Game; Gypsy; Sam Hall; Death and the Knight; Journeys End; The Horn of Time the Hunter; The Master Key; The Problem of Pain; Quest; Windmill; Three Hearts and Three Lions (excerpt); Epilogue; Dead Phone; Goat Song; Kyrie; A Midsummer Tempest (excerpt); The Shrine for Lost Children; The Queen of Air and Darkness)

30. Brubaker, Ed & Sean Phillips. Out in the Cold (Sleeper, v. 1) (144 p.)

31. Brubaker, Ed & Sean Phillips. All False Moves (Sleeper, v. 2) (144 p.)

32. Brubaker, Ed & Sean Phillips. The Long Way Home (Sleeper, v. 4) (160 p.)

33. Burroughs, Edgar R. The Land That Time Forgot (318 p.)

34. Burroughs, Edgar R. A Princess of Mars (179 p.)

June total: 1,828 pages
2010 total: 9,430 pages

Half-way through the year, and I'm more than half-way to my usual goals. (50 books & 15,000 pages.) W00t!

(And yes, I skipped Sleeper v. 3-- v. 1, 2, and 4 were in the Friends of the Library booksale, but not v. 3.)

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