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Books that I read in February

Books that I read in February:

11. Collins, Suzanne. The Hunger Games (374 p.)

12. Watt-Evans, Lawrence. The Sword of Bheleu (The Lords of Dûs, bk. 3) (272 p.)

13. Watt-Evans, Lawrence. The Book of Silence (The Lords of Dûs, bk. 4) (326 p.)

14. Ames, Mildred. Anna to the Infinite Power (198 p.)

15. Leinster, Murray. Timeslip! (Time Tunnel Adventure, #2) (140 p.)

February total: 1310 pages
2010 total: 3,780 pages

The setup for Hunger Games is sort of like The Running Man crossed with Battle Royale (and thus more than a touch of The Most Dangerous Game), except with significantly less gore than either of those two. It's self-contained, thankfully, as it is also the first book in a trilogy.

I read the first two books of The Lords of Dûs a few years ago, but hadn't managed to track down a copy of book 3 until now. Good stuff, but I don't like the deus ex machina of the ending. I chuckled when I realized that the events of Watt-Evans' short story, "Portrait of a Hero" (in the Once Upon a Time collection I read last month), are directly referenced here.

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