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Books that I read in January

Books that I read in January:

1. Smith, E.E. Masters of the Vortex (191 p.)

2. Jones, D.F. Colossus (256 p.)

3. DeMatteis, J.M. & Mike Ploog. The Road to Inconceivable (Abadazad, 1) (144 p.)

4. DeMatteis, J.M. & Mike Ploog. The Dream Thief (Abadazad, 2) (144 p.)

5. Del Rey, Lester & Risa Kessler, editors. Once Upon a Time: a Treasury of Modern Fairy Tales (336 p.)
(Contents: Prince Delightful and the Flamess Dragon, by Isaac Asimov; Imaginary Friends, by Terry Brooks; Gwydion and the Dragon, by C.J. Cherryh; Fairy Godmother, by Lester del Rey; Thistledown, by Susan Dexter; The Old Soul, by Wayland Drew; Changeling, by Barbara Hambly; The Tinkling of Fairybells, by Katherine Kurtz; The Quest of a Sensible Man, by Anne McCaffrey; Portrait of a Hero, by Lawrence Watt-Evans)

6. Karpyshyn, Drew. Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal (246 p.)

7. Sturgeon, Theodore. E Pluribus Unicorn (211 p.)
(Contents: The Silken-Swift; The Professor's Teddy-Bear; Bianca's Hands; A Saucer of Loneliness; The World Well Lost; It Wasn't Syzygy; The Music; Scars, Fluffy; The Sex Opposite; Die, Maistro, Die!; Cellmate; A Way of Thinking)

8. Knight, Damon, editor. Science Fiction of the 30's (468 p.)
(Contents: Out Around Rigel, by Robert H. Wilson; The Fifth-Dimension Catapult, by Murray Leinster; Into the Meteorite Orbit, by Frank K. Kelly; The Battery of Hate, by John W. Campbell, Jr.; The Wall, by Howard W. Graham; The Lost Language, by David H. Keller; The Last Men, by Frank Belknap Long, Jr.; The Other, by Howard W. Graham; The Mad Moon, by Stanley G. Weinbaum; Davey Jones' Ambassador, by Raymond Z. Gallun; Alas, All Thinking!, by Harry Bates; The Time Decelerator, by A. Macfadyen, Jr.; The Council of Drones, by W.K. Sonnemann; Seeker of Tomorrow, by Eric Frank Russell & Leslie T. Johnson; Hyperpilosity, by L. Sprague de Camp; Pithecanthropus Rejectus, by Manly W. Wellman; The Merman, by L. Sprague de Camp; The Day is Done, by Lester del Rey)

9. Heinlein, Robert A. Citizen of the Galaxy (282 p.)

10. Marz, Ron & Bart Sears. Crisis of Faith (The Path, 1) (192 p.)

January total: 2,470 pages
2010 total: 2,470 pages

Quick notes:

Yes, that's a metric truckload of reading for me these days. I definitely don't plan on keeping up *that* pace...

Colossus was a re-read; it's still pretty good, but the technology is more than a bit dated. If this were updated to the Internet age, the core idea would still be solid and still more than a bit too close to being possible for comfort.

Abadazad was interesting, but I wish that the story was complete in two volumes (rather than incomplete in 3, with #3 being published only in the U.K.); I kept feeling like it was going to break out and actually resolve its central plot, but it kept messing around the edges of the story without ever actually doing anything. Perhaps that's why it was cancelled...

Baldur's Gate II was absolute dreck. I wish I could un-read it. Two major characters killed--one of them off-panel--for no good reason other than to show that the main character is the author's plaything. And a villain whose secret identity isn't foreshadowed in the least, and so reads like it was a last-minute bolt-on. I don't expect much of video game books, but this was awful.

E Pluribus Unicorn proved to me that even Sturgeon's own work falls under Sturgeon's Law, but there are some gems in there and the twist to the resolution of the final story was such a twist that it saved an otherwise fair-to-middling story. And, for a SF/F collection, there was certainly a lot of psychological horror in here.

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