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Books that I read in October

Books that I read in October:

45. Smith, E. E. Triplanetary (240 p.)

46. Smith, E. E. First Lensman (252 p.)

47. Venditti, Robert & Brett Weldele. The Surrogates: Flesh & Bone (139 p.)

October total: 631 pages
YTD total: 12,908 pages

I actually read more than twice that many pages in October (thanks in large part to the 13-hour plane ride each way to and from Australia), but I haven't yet finished the next book, which is quite long. Hopefully, I can finish it by the end of December and include those pages in this year's total.

I picked up most of "Doc" Smith's Lensman series on the cheap a few months back, but unfortunately, I ended up without the middle two books of the series (Galactic Patrol and Gray Lensman), so because of the continuity between volumes I'm holding off on reading the later books until I find the time to track down copies of those two. In any case, the two I've read are good, fun, pulpy sci-fi, and the parallels with the Green Lantern Corps (whether intentional or not) are many and obvious.

Flesh & Bone is a prequel to The Surrogates, and while, like the original, it's a good story, I don't think it's quite as good as the original, though the climax & denoument of this one makes a bit more sense to me than the original's does. I also think it's a true "prequel" in that it takes place before the original story, but should be read after one has read the original story--it attempts to fill in some of the gaps in the background (particularly how the detective and the preacher first met, why there aren't child surrogates, and where all the poor people of the city are), but I don't think it would stand on its own without the other book all that well.

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