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Books that I read in September

Books that I read in September:

39. Stevenson, Robert Louis. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (106 p.)

40. Venditti, Robert & Brett Weldele. The Surrogates (204 p.)

41. Homer. The Iliad of Homer (391 p.)*

42. Homer. The Odyssey (306 p.)*

43. Prohias, Antonio. Spy vs. Spy: The Complete Casebook (304 p.)

44. Stevenson, Robert Louis. Kidnapped (318 p.)

September total: 1,629 pages
YTD total: 12,277 pages

* A.k.a. vol. 4 of the Great Books of the Western World series, though this is a 2-volume set that's the same translation

I started Jekyll & Hyde right after finishing Picture of Dorian Gray. The two books make an excellent pairing in their examinations of man's good and bad sides.

The Surrogates is the graphic novel on which the recent Bruce Willis movie is based. I've heard mixed reviews of the movie, but the book is excellent, one of the better original sci-fi graphic novel stories I've read recently.

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