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The stubbed toe blues

I stubbed a toe pretty badly last Saturday. That's not particularly news for me, because thanks to my poor depth/spatial perception, I stub toes or misjudge doorways and run a shoulder into a wall a lot. But this one basically involved accidentally kicking a corner in the wall at near full walking force, and a week later one of the three toes I hit still hurts. (Yes, I iced it that night and the next morning, and applied some heat a few days later.)

It's not broken, as far as I can tell (after lots of experimentation with poking & moving to see what makes it hurt); but it was pretty badly bruised, and while it's slowly but surely healing, what's left of the bruise still extends both across the end knuckle and in a line directly under the nail cuticle. As long as I stay off of it and periodically pop some ibuprofen, it's only a cross between a dull ache and a very strong itch. But when I walk and bend the toe upward at the back of my stride, it definitely reminds me exactly how unhappy it still is.

And this morning LE decided I needed to take her on a mile-long stroller ride, preceded by a session of running up and down the hall while demanding, "Daddy run!"


On the plus side, "To the Shock of Miss Louise" (from the Lost Boys soundtrack) just came up on random shuffle as I started typing this, and the twisted calliope music brought a smile to my face.

Feudalism: Serf & Turf
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