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Books that I read in May

Books that I read in May:

22. Disch, Thomas M. The Prisoner (188 p.)

23. McDaniel, David. Number Two (The Prisoner, #2) (158 p.)

24. Peters, Ellis. The Potter's Field (217 p.)

25. Sabatini, Rafael. Captain Blood (287 p.)

26. Sabatini, Rafael. Scaramouche (310 p.)

27. Sapir, Richard & Warren Murphy. Dr. Quake (The Destroyer, #5) (187 p.)

May total: 1247 pages
YTD total: 7792 pages

I strongly recommend Scaramouche. I had no idea what to expect going into it, and was thoroughly surprised in a good way. It's also a nice break to see an adventure story wherein the main character primarily fights with words rather than weapons, if given the chance, and yet still have a story that doesn't completely bog down in boring exposition and conversations. However, this is one of those books where I ended up mentally yelling at the characters many times throughout the story, "Just suck it up and talk to each other already, and everything will be better!", but despite that, it's a good book, and made me want to read another novel or two about the French Revolution to compare with.

On the other end of the scale, absolutely at all costs avoid any of the books in the Destroyer series (better known to 80's movie afficianados by the name of the main character: Remo Williams) unless you are tired of laughing at how bad lousy romance novels can be and are looking to laugh at how bad lousy "men's adventure" fiction can be.

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