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A friend found a news article about the military helicoptors that were buzzing the Chicago area for a few hours this morning & early afternoon. (If only the news piece had hit the 'net a couple hours earlier when I was trying to find out if we'd secretly declared war on Elgin or something.)

It was apparently a rehearsal for the inaugural Marine Week shindig, and the 'copters were flying all over the city and northern & western suburbs.

Also, what I thought was a MH-53 Pave Low was technically a CH-53E Super Stallion (which is basically the same machine with different bling, and the CH-53E is operated by the Marines whereas the MH-53 was operated by the Air Force); what I thought was a trio of CH-47 Chinooks was a trio of CH-46 Sea Knights (which are sort of heavy [Army] and light [Marines] versions, respectively, of the same original prototype), but I was spot on about the AH-1W Super Cobra.

(Not bad for someone whose airframe knowledge is typically about 65 years out of date and who was using Google Images to find visual references!)

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