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Back when SimCity was the game to play, I remember the franchise starting to get farther and farther afield, and thought it had most decidedly jumped the shark when I saw SimFarm and SimAnt.

Now, with the mega-popularity of The Sims and its various add-on packs and spin-offs (like MySims and MySims Kingdom), it seems the franchise has made enough money to make wacky experiments feasible once again.

Which must be why I've been seeing blow-in card ads in several Wii games we've gotten at the library lately for SimAnimals. It's like The Sims, except with animals. In the forest. Foraging for food. Meeting and interacting with other animals. And cleaning up pollution.

On the other hand, after seeing the website, my first thought was wondering how long it'd take sigma7 to discover the fun of forming an army of squirrels and owls and taking over the world. (Or to figure out some way for GDMN Batman to wander into the woods and spread his unique brand of rabieswackiness among the woodland creatures...)
Tags: animals, games

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