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Fortuitous accident

The other day, I was double-checking the work another cataloger at my library had done for a Japanese import of The Kills' album Keep on your mean side, when I discovered that the album was also an enhanced CD, with the only significant "enhanced" content being a file named AUDIOOK.MOV. With a file name that unhelpful, I opened it up to see what it actually was--which turned out to be the music video for their song "Wait". Then I fast-forwarded it to the end to see whether it was just one song, a couple of songs, a montage, a song & interview, or something else.

I'd never heard of The Kills before this, so I didn't know what to expect. The song as released is sort of slow, sort of garage-y, what I guess might be termed indie punk. Fine enough for what it is, but not something I'm normally drawn to; after listening to a large chunk of it, it frankly did not interest me at all. It dithers about for four and a half minutes before slowly giving up and heading out for another pack of cigarettes.

However at the uptempo speed of Quicktime on fast forward, the song starts to rock. (Except for the unfortunate Chimpmunk voices.) Played that way, it has a strong, driving beat, and gets right down to business. Made me wonder how good the song would be if covered by a band like the Ramones.

If you can find a Quicktime version of the video online (I haven't so far), I invite you to try it and see for yourself.

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