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I've been sick to some degree for the last two weeks now. I think I'm finally on the mend, but I thought that last week, too.

I could deal with the suffed-up head & sore throat that was the sum total of the first week and a half of symptoms, but between last Friday or Saturday and yesterday, my sinuses constantly felt like I was breathing an atmosphere of chlorine gas that'd been heated to 200 degrees and had zero percent relative humidity. (Since I have breathed chlorine gas, I do have a bit of an idea what that feels like.)

And Sunday afternoon and evening, I had all the body aches, chills, and lack of energy that go along with having a fever... without the fever. (Temp. came in at 97.8°, yay.)

In theory, it's just a head cold that's lingering, but for me, any cold that lasts longer than 24-48 hours is just not normal. (Maybe it's a sinus infection this time, but since I've had chronic sinusitis since I first started school or thereabouts thanks to my allergies, that's hard to say.)

Today, at least, I can actually take a deep breath through my nose and fill my lungs without having taken any pain-killers or decongestants--though I still often feel like I'm not getting quite enough air, the post-nasal drip has put a serious curb on my desire to seek out food for anything other than basic sustenance, and I still have a lot of pressure in my sinuses that is very, very sensitive to the least change in the weather. Of which, of course, there are absolutely none this time of year in the Midwest, oh, no.


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