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Zero Punctuation reviews

Thanks to a link by coffeechica, I have become thoroughly hooked on the weekly Zero Punctuation fast-talking, bile-filled, fat-stickman reviews of video games. With a hat. And gremlins. And occasionally a game he actually likes.

I went back and watched all the previous videos over the course of the last week (including the two pre-Escapist reviews linked from Yahtzee's blog), and have often found myself starting to talk like Yahtzee in some situations. Including the Australian accent, the foul mouth, and off-colour jokes. Which, of course, is certain to get me into a lot of trouble if I don't pay attention to what I'm saying...

(I suppose the reviews would probably be more fun to watch if I'd ever played more than a mere pittance of the games he mentions, but even without having played a new video game since Doom 3/Quake 4, I can easily follow his points, laugh at the jokes, and recoil in horror at the bad gameplay. Of course, it also helps that my library is now lending out videogames for the PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, and for some unknown reason, GameCube. Which means that I often end up having to read enough about a game to figure out whether it's a arcade-like shooter/fighter, an adventure, a war game, or something else--and I sometimes have to write 10-25 word summaries, too--several of which have turned up in his reviews.)

Feudalism: Serf & Turf
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