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Civic duty done

I took today off as a "mental health (and voting) day"; shortly before lunch I walked the half-mile down to the school where my precinct's voting place is. Unfortunately, just as I arrived, I realized I'd left my cheat sheet at home, and thus was left guessing which Water Reclamation District Commissioners were likely any good, and which of the MANY pages of judges should keep their jobs.

For the first time since I've been voting, there was actually a line of more than two people to get checked in (all of five, largely because the first person in line had a problem with his registration and ended up needing a provisional ballot). And then, since I decided to go with touch screen instead of paper ballot, there one person before me waiting for that. (There were several open bays for casting paper ballots.)

I'm very glad I didn't try go with my original plan for the day: to cram in dropping off my daughter at daycare followed by backtracking to the polling place in order to vote before making the 35- to 45-minute commute to work, as one of the volunteers said they had a line of around 40 people when they opened and were pretty busy up until around 9 A.M.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Green Party not only had candidates in most of the down-ballot races, but had apparently also gleaned endorsements from the (very Republican) Chicago Tribune in one or two races. I've long thought that the best way for a third (fourth, etc.) party to become a viable player on the national stage is not to simply parachute in a Presidental candidate and leave it at that, but rather primarily work on fielding viable candidates in down-ballot races (all the way down to village mayor and dog catcher), build an organization from the bottom up, and use the "big" races as loss leaders to build name recognition.

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