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Rolling Stone steps up to the plate

Make-believe Maverick: a Rolling Stone author researches John McCain's background. The result does not paint a pretty picture of the man.

Some of the details are easily corroborated elsewhere, but I'm a little incredulous about a few of the anecdotes and some of the additional details for otherwise well-known stories, especially those that appear to rely on a single person as a source (who may have ulterior motives) or which are stated without mentioning any sources (and thus may be difficult to independently corroborate).

They'd better have in hand the thoroughly fact-checked and double-confirmed evidence necessary to back up everything in there (unlike, say, the CBS story about Bush that turned out to be based on doctored documents), as they're likely going to be in a spot of trouble after this one--if for no other reason than this article will make a very clear enemy of a man the author claims doesn't react well to criticism and is more than willing to pull strings to get what he wants.

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