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Confessions on a basement floor

I'm not normally all that enamored of Madonna's songs, but after listening to Confessions on a Dance Floor a few times over the last few months, I must admit that it's a fun album; "Hung Up" and "Sorry" are probably my favorite tracks on it. (Catching the video for "Sorry" several times on VH1-Classic is what got me interested enough in the album in the first place to see what the rest of it sounded like.)

The album is sufficiently flawed that I can't really in all honesty call it a good album or even a good Madonna album (the track breaks on the CD aren't always in what I'd consider the right place and/or the mix from one song into the next is more of a jarring overlay than a seamless mix, several of the songs are far too repetitive without also being repetitive enough and the right kind of repetitive to be good club/trance music, and most of the songs have lyrics that are either painfully forced or downright silly or both), but nevertheless, the more I listen to it the more fun I have listening to it.

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